Verna Food Industries is established in 2108 with the aim of production, distribution and packaging food and beverages.

Our Services

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Online Answer

Buyers can ask and receive their required information through online communication channels.

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Quality Guarantee

Verna Food ensures a confident purchase of high quality products to buyers. All products have been produced and packaged under standard conditions.

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Easy Shopping

Buyers can register their sale orders easily with no difficulty in finding their favorite products.

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Trusted Delivery

Buyers will receive their wholesale orders on time in any destination with no limitation in terms of distance and place.

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Advice before Buying

Buyers would like to know more about the products that they want to order. The expert team of Verna give any detailed information about products to buyers.

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Strong Support Team

Verna Food enjoys powerfully interactive personnel that try continuously to provide the best services for buyers and clients.

Why us?


A long lasting experiment in the domain of food and beverage industry has helped us how to do the best for our buyers.


We are proud to announce that customers’   satisfaction is our greatest achievement throughout all years of our business.


All prices are determined precisely on the basis of quality and fair tradition norms.


All products are made by high quality materials with advanced equipment in standard conditions in terms of technology, health and sanitry.

Skilled Sale Team

Our professional sale team is sincerely contributing to deliver the best products to you.

Great Support

In the process of purchase and delivery, from the beginning to end, you never loss our contributions and services.