About Us

The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Great Support

In the process of purchase and delivery, from the beginning to end, you never loss our contributions and services.

Certified Experience

A long lasting experiment in the domain of food and beverage industry has helped us how to do the best for our buyers.

Competitive Pricing

All prices are determined precisely on the basis of quality and fair tradition norms.


All products are made by high quality materials with advanced equipment in standard conditions in terms of technology, health and sanitry.

Skilled Sale Team

Our professional sale team is sincerely contributing to deliver the best products to you.

Great Support

We are proud to announce that customers’ satisfaction is our greatest achievement throughout all years of our business.

Verna Food Industries
Verna Food Industries is established in 2108 with the aim of production, distribution and packaging food and beverages.
Verna Food equipped with latest scientific achievements has gone beyond local limitations to connect global tastes and styles.
Verna Food is now ready to provide any services to its clients ranging from sale, trade, export, marketing and production.
In this way, Verna Food has employed experienced personnel and high quality materials beside advanced equipment.

verna coffee

Our Missions

At the very beginning, Verna Food Industries, with the goal that each one of its products to be symbols of specialty and health, has taken step in the way of trade and production.
Now, any products of Verna Food Industries represent consciousness to consumers’ tastes and attachment to world knowledge.
Verna Food enjoyed an up-to-date set of science and technology is ready to corporate in projects of sale, marketing, export and production with our clients internationally and nationally.

Perspectives and Goals

Due to our world knowledge, in an overall outlook, we are aiming to extend exportation and distribution of our products across the globe.
Participation in the domains of trade, marketing and sale with regional and international clients is in our business schedule.
The buyers have not any limitations in terms of volume and variety.

Values and Beliefs

Quality, trust and expertise underlie the business of Verna Food Industries’ framework.
We are in this opinion that our clients’ satisfaction and pleasure are the greatest achievements that could be acquired.